Healthy break time with Medipresso

The relaxation from a cup of tea
will vitalize your life.
Medipresso captures the vitality of nature that grows on land with its unique
blending and roasting techniques, bringing you health filled with fragrance.
Enjoy a healthy life through small habits.

Tea, presso with capsules. MEDIPRESSO

Medipresso is researching
the tea capsule business,
which enables people to enjoy more herbal tea ingredients conveniently through a tea sommelier’s
careful blending method using high-pressure extraction technology of capsule machines.

What kind of life do you dream of?

Medipresso will make a healthy future with you.

The wisdom
of Donguibogam

Solely for the benefit of people’s health, Medipresso focused on encapsulating ssanghwa, a traditional Korean tea, according to the traditional secret recipe first written in the Donguibogam. Through continuous contemplation on how to extract the taste, fragrance, and health benefits of ssanghwa by only using water pressure instead of the brewing process, Medipresso has finally succeeded in introducing the tea capsule to the world.

Medipresso has actively reflected modern research to the benefits of medicinal herbs described in the Donguibogam and delivered them through today’s science and technology.

Easy and convenient

Medipresso represents enjoying the wisdom of Korean medicinal herbal tea conveniently through modern technology—that is, pioneering a new culture ahead of the flow of time while keeping the tradition.

A healthy life
through tea

Medipresso seeks to provide tea that is not only beneficial to the body, but tea that everyone can easily enjoy throughout their life.

Of course, tea capsules are not panaceas. However, we believe it will help you control minor symptoms that bring discomfort to your life.

Brand Story